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Welcome to my very own website!!

Please browse through this site and learn a little about me and a little about my family.

My name is alpM,fuschia.gif (3616 bytes)acKenzie alphabeth,fuschia.gif (3157 bytes)arper and I am 5 years old. I started school in September and I am in kindergarten. I also go to dancing school. This is my third year there and I have been in two recitals.

I have a younger sister and a brand new baby brother. Their names are Kennedy and Chancelor. We all have nicknames; mine is Macy, my sister is Kay and my brother is Chance. (Auntie Robin says that his name sounds like a dog, but that's OK because her name sounds like a bird!)

If you are interested, these are some of the things I love:

Carousel Horses
The Color Purple
Barbie Dolls
My Family
Winning Coloring Contests
Birthdays and Christmas, and mostly
My Mémère

I live at home with Mommy and Daddy and my dog, Alex. I also have two goldfish. Their names are Holly and

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These are some special things to read about carousels:

"Music is like a carousel.... it goes round and round, endlessly bringing joy to the music-makers and to those who hear it."

                                     Author Unknown

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Little Ponies On The Hill

( Dedicated to all who enjoy the merry go round )

A long time ago, when the world was still,
There were little ponies upon a hill.
Then the world got big and the world grew wide, man took it in his mind and began to decide.

He thought and he pondered, and let his mind wander... Can I do this ?
mmmmmm . . .
Could I do that?
He sat under a tree and took off his hat.
And after he lingered and rested he knew...
Exactly all the things that he must do.

I will capture them and put on a stand,
the little ponies from this great land...
And tell them to prance and go round and round, and add to that a great sounding sound.

Give lights of magic, imitating the sun ! ! !
and set it up spritely and offer to one . . .
A time of thrills . . . and laughter . . . and joy,
For all little girls and all little boys.

And when they grow older somehow I know,
they'll never forget this great carnival show.
Where dancing and prancing, horses took them around and moved in accord to the carousel sounds

A never ending round of applause,
and all of this is just because
An old man saw and envisioned a time
When the ponies would be forever enshrined.
Capturing hearts of the young and the old,
and if the story ever be told . . .
At times If you listen you can hear him still . . .
" Come , you little ponies upon the hill
We will ride and let the mood take us far
but never will we roam
so far away in years or time . . .
On the carousel we are at home " 

Enchante` (copyright 1998, Dorothy Morgan)

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The Brass Ring

Call it a carousel -- call it a merry-go-round -- 'round and 'round, where she stops nobody knows.

Fancy beasts rise and fall in time to the music and crashing cymbals. Fast horses out on the edge whip us kids past the crowd as we lean toward the prize -- the brass ring.

New riders sit near the operator and the great lever he uses to get the ride going. Big mirrors flash as the lights dance 'round and 'round. Kids with brave jungle book ideas ride sleek lions and tigers.

But we fearless veterans of the carousel go straight to the outer twelve, the final line of powerful horses. From here we ride high and try for the brass ring.

We sweep past the long wooden arm teasing us with its rings -- silver and brass. I hold tight to the reins I've wrapped around the pole and stretch out to hook the next ring to slide down the arm. Silver. Silver! Where's the brass ring? Will I get to hold the small golden prize high as the circle of prancing circus horses sweeps me past the cheering crowd? Will the free ride be mine?

I stand in the stirrups with my knee against the twisted pole as my horse gets nearer and nearer --higher and higher until we pass the arm -- then down we drop, my horse and I breathe again. Others hold up rings for all to see; most of us get nothing.

Another ticket and I head straight for the tallest horse, his head held high, his tongue showing as if he is out of breath. Here he is, here's the tall horse that will carry me. His straps and tassels begin to shake as the music and the machinery start for another run. His eyes shine -- wide and bright.

I swing into the saddle, set my feet deep in the stirrups and pull the leather reins in hard. I test the pole, rise up in the stirrups and feel the surge of power as the operator pushes the long handle forward to set the gears in motion.

The music swells, mirrors flash and the lights dance as my horse moves up and up -- but the rings sweep by. Missed!

Next time around, I'm ready, I tighten my grip. Another rider grabs a ring, he has a silver. Good -- he didn't get the brass. Two more silvers and the crowd cheers. I reach! Stand high in the stirrups! Reach for the ring -- a glimpse of gleaming metal -- and miss. No cheers.

My horse sweeps 'round the far side, taking a breather after bringing me close to the rings. This is the last time around. I slide my feet back in the stirrups a little ready for the great stretch. I let go of the reins and slide my hand up the polished pole feeling for a better grip.

A cheer goes up -- another silver. A miss and the crowd groans. Two more riders up ahead swing into the turn. My trusty horse begins his move as the crowd cheers for another silver. "The Brass! The Brass! The Brass Ring!" shouts the crowd.

The last pass -- I lean out, stretching further, higher and -- got one! A bright ring spins 'round my finger. I hold it tight, but I've reached too far and I'm up, up and out of the saddle!

Down I fall and roll head-first into the straw around the platform.

"Don't lose the ring! Hold on to the ring! Show us the ring!" shouts the crowd. I flash my silver and head for the gate.

The horses are slowing, settling into their quiet stand, waiting for the next set of riders. The mirrors slow and stop, reflecting the crowd. The music winds down -- noise from the midway gets louder. I'm back in line for one more ticket, ready for another go, Knight of the Silver Ring, game to try again for the prize.

I jump on the platform, dart past zebras and chariots straight to my favorite horse. I swing into the saddle as the music swells, and the lights begin to dance. We're moving, the chase is on -- for the brass ring.

                                                                       by Doug Engel

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I like to collect carousel horses. I have all different kinds. The biggest one I have is one that Mémère made for me. The smallest one I have is a tiny set of earrings              . I have carousel horse jewelry, and sun-catchers, and snow globes also. Do you have a collection? Would you like to read a story about a carousel? If you would like to, just click on these words: Bess and the Merry-Go-Round. I think that you will like this story.

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This is a picture of me and one of my carousel horses. Do you like it?


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Mom and Dad said that I can get my own E-Mail. Isn't that neat? Can you write to me, or if you don't want to, can you sign your name in my book so that I will know that you came to visit this page? Thank you and if you write, I think that Mommy will help me send an answer to you.


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Guest Book

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A message from Mémère:


Hi Sweetie,

Boy, it doesn't seem like my first grandaughter is five years old and in school already.  I can still remember being at the hospital the night you were born.  Did you know that I was in the room with Mom and Dad when you were born?  I was so excited and couldn't wait to meet you.  Mom and Dad were excited too, and Mom especially couldn't wait for you to come.  She even told me, "I can't wait another minute!"    When you were finally born, the first thing you did was scare us.  You had trouble breathing and the doctors rushed you out of the room to take care of you.  So after we all waited so long to meet you---we had to wait even longer until the doctors checked you and made sure you were OK.

When the doctors were through checking you and I finally got to see you and hold you, I thought you were the most beautiful baby girl I had ever seen.  You looked a little oriental and you were so teeny.  And I loved you with all my heart.

Now you have grown up and are the "big sister".  You treat Kay and Chance so well and you always take such good care of them.  I hope that you always stay such a kind and caring person.  I am proud of you and I love you!

Hugs & Kisses,


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With love.