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To all of you who have dropped by to visit my site and present me with these awards, I thank you.  Each of these awards are linked to the giver's homepage.  I encourage you to visit these pages.  Thank you.

My first award-- from Mr. Mom.  This is one of my favorite sites, please be sure to visit it. Thanks, Mr. Mom.



Congratulations!!! You have won Mr. Mom's award.   I just finished viewing your page.  You have done an excellent job!  It looks as if you have spent quite a deal of time on your pages.  They are well organized, easy to navigate, have great graphics & links.   Keep up the good work.  I am honored to present you with my Award.

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Arline.jpg (22440 bytes) 2/16/99

Your site has been reviewed and I am pleased to present you with the Touch My Heart Award.   Since you have done a wonderful job on your page and deserve some recognition!   Keep up the good work  Thanks for making the web a better place.   Congratulations again.  Jennifer


Dear Arline,

I have just finished touring your site and must say that I truly did enjoy my visit. With great pleasure, I present your site with an award from Grandma's Place.

Grandma Carol

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