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To Mikey's Jungle

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Hi! Are you ready to come on safari with me?  We will be taking a trek and visiting all sorts of strange and exotic animals.  Hurry up and gather up your gear; we will be leaving in a few minutes.

Our first stop will be at the main base where we will pick up the rest of my family.  My Dad, Mike, and I will be heading up this expedition.  My Mom, Clarice, will be the cook (I hope she makes her Taco dip) and organizer.  We will have to let my brother, Kyle, come along too.  He might slow us down a little, but we will have fun with him.  Who needs to go on Safari when I am already surrounded by all these animals?

These are two of my favorite things to say and I want to say them now.  "Are we there yet?" and   "Is it over now?"


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Want to see some of the animals that I like?  They are really quite harmless, and you can go right up to them and touch and hold them. 

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  • Animals,

  • My Jungle Room,

  • My Jungle Blanket,

  • Puter Games,

  • Videos, and

  • Pumpkin and Tara.

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These are some of the things that I fear.  Don't get too close as they might bite or hurt you.   They are ferocious!


  • When Kyle takes my toys,
  • Lights on when I go to bed,
  • My bedroom door open, and
  • Big, huge snakes like there!

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Here is a picture of me with my jungle blanket.  It is my favorite.

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Maybe when I take a picture with all of my animal friends I will add it to this page.  If you visit Kyle's page, you will see a picture of him with one of his animal friends.  His friend is a tropical bird.  Can you guess who it is?


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I would like to do a little "roaring" and tell you about myself.  I am almost four and I am King of my jungle.  I was born on New Year's Eve and next year I will have a millenium birthday.   I think that's something to roar about, don't you?  When I'm not on safari, I live at home with tamer animals.  My dog is Tara, and my cat is Pumpkin.


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Would you like to visit some other "wild" sites.

gorillas.jpg (1047 bytes)  Mémère Doodling     


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A message from Mémère:


Hi Mikey,

Do you like this jungle page?  I thought you would.  I tried to match the colors in your room, but couldn't find anything like that to use.  Maybe we can change it later.

You are such a special boy and I love you.  Remember when we went to the circus?  We sure saw a lot of animals there, and we had a good time.  I wasn't afraid of them, were you?

Mikey, I hope that you always stay so special.  You are an endangered species -- there is not another like you. You are a reminder to all of us of what boyhood is all about.  You love playing and running around, but you also take time out for the important things, like cuddling and love.

I hope that your jungle remains a gentle one and that you are always its king.  I love you, Mikey.

Love & Kisses,


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Can you sign my Guestbook (Mom and Dad will read it to me)?  Even guys like me like to hear from visitors to the jungle.


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Before I go, I have a recipe you might like if you ever go on a Safari.   It is one of my mother's favorites (she loves elephants).

Elephant Stew

1 elephant
LOTS of Brown Gravy
salt and pepper
2 rabbits (optional)

Cut elephant into bite size pieces.
This should take about 2 months.
Cover with brown gravy and cook over a kerosene
fire for about 4 weeks.
Cook at 465° - serves 3,800.

If more guests drop by, the two rabbits may be added,
but do this only if necessary as most people do not
like to find hare in their stew.

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All things bright and beautiful,

All creatures great and small,

All things wise and wonderful,

The Lord God made them all.
Cecil Frances Alexander


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Here are some riddles for you.  What is a skunk's favorite holiday song?



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Why is it so hard for leopards to hide?

Because they're always spotted.


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What do you call a lion-tamer who sticks his right hand in a lion's mouth?



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Here are some neat animal sites that you can visit.  Just click and you can explore the outdoors or take a cool tour of environmental habitats.  Two other fun sites are Ranger Rick and My Big Backyard!


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You are listening to "The Lion Sleeps Tonight"
Music from Midi Haven

With Love

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from Mémère